Our Story

The Designer

Lana watched her grandmother collect timeless jewelry and unconsciously began to create a connection to the art. Seeing these pieces become family heirlooms, passed down generations, she began to understand how each gem can grow to become a connection, a reminder, and a story. Through her love of beautiful things, and poetry, LÏya was born.

"Jewelry formed the foundation of my relationship with my grandmother and that sense of comfort and nostalgia when I wear each piece, is what I aim to make each Atelier LÏya customer feel. We are constantly surrounded by inspiring and meaningful stories, and now it’s time to pay tribute to them."

Lana N. Nassar

The Brand

From the moment the piece is first conceptualized, everything is created with purpose. Being a creative writer herself, each design is inspired by a poem, book, or quote that transcends a certain sentiment and leads you into a journey of discovery.

When wearing Atelier Liya, you’re not wearing your usual piece of jewelry, you’re wearing a story that encourages you to create your own, as per the meaning in Arabic behind the brand name “mine”, each piece is truly yours.

The Atelier

From Lebanese descent, Lana believes the heart of the brand is in Beirut, creating all her pieces in her Atelier in Lebanon. The Atelier is a family-led business of well-renowned 3rd generation jewelers, who have perfected the Art of Craftsmanship over the years.

Having worked with Lana’s family since she was a child, they developed a strong relationship with mutual trust and respect at its core. Each piece ideated by Lana is intrinsically crafted by the Atelier with premium material sourced from across the world, finishing touches will be hand painted enamel bringing forth the magic and creativity of Atelier Liya Jewelry.


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